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Smith & Bradley, Watches Founder and Head Designer, Jerommie Smith, proudly served 17 years as a Law Enforcement Officer before founding Smith & Bradley Watches.

How do you choose the best Military watch? Find out the key features of a great military watch and understand what to avoid. Tactical watches for the military need to be built properly. We recommend our favorite military watches.
Both Quartz and Automatic are exceptional choices for a wristwatch. But what is the better choice for you? Most people don’t realize how different the movements are between a quartz watch versus an automatic watch. We will delve into the positives and negatives of each so you can make an intelligent decision on whether to choose a quartz watch or an automatic watch.
Should you choose an Apple watch or a traditional Swiss Quartz watch? I've worn both and outline the benefits and drawbacks of each. Here's what I think you should do in choosing a new watch.
Here's an alternate way to wear your NATO watch strap. It solves the problem of the extra piece sticking up that some guys hate. But there are drawbacks to wearing a NATO band this way. Details and video.