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A True American Watch Company


S&B Watches™ is the brain child of a retired Law Enforcement Officer from Central Illinois, Jerommie Smith. Outside of serving and protecting his community, he was a watch and gear fanatic. After years of buying, selling, and repairing watches from all over the world he never seemed to find a watch that would last on his wrist while on duty for more than three weeks. Jerommie was seeking “Form & Function” in his watches that he desired to wear while on duty, but unfortunately the watch market was missing this type of timepiece.


Not shy about a challenge, Jerommie decided he was going to start his own watch company that would produce watches designed for members of Law Enforcement and Armed Forces. After all, he always wanted “Form and Function” in a watch to wear while on duty. That wasn’t the only mission…. These watches were going to be hand built in the USA as a true American Watch Company.


USA Built

Recently there has been an influx of attention given to what exactly it means for a watch to be made in the USA. At S&B Watches™, we have been transparent from the start. Our goal is to build the best possible watch for the money and to provide our customers with an unmatched level of service. To this end, we would like to make a few points clear. When we use the term "USA Built" or "Built in Florida," that is precisely what we mean. We scour the globe for the best possible components and perform 100% of our engineering and design work right here in the USA. We are not simply using non OEM components from China and relying on Asian watch factories to do our production. All parts arrive to us completely unassembled from our partnering factories worldwide. We then build each watch at our shop in Winter Springs, FL.

S&B Watches™ is a small American Business that is proud to offer our customers USA built watches.


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