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working man's watch is not a toy or a trinket. It is a tool and a companion. It is reliable, durable, and functional. It tells you the time, the date, and maybe even tracks a second time zone. It doesn't need to be wound, charged, or synced. It doesn't need to be pampered, polished, or protected. It can handle anything you throw at it, from water to dust to shock.
A Swiss Quartz tactical watch is a reliable and sturdy timepiece designed for the modern man. These watches are built to withstand tough conditions, but proper care and maintenance are still essential to keep them functioning optimally. 
How do you choose the best Military watch? Find out the key features of a great military watch and understand what to avoid. Tactical watches for the military need to be built properly. We recommend our favorite military watches.
Both Quartz and Automatic are exceptional choices for a wristwatch. But what is the better choice for you? Most people don’t realize how different the movements are between a quartz watch versus an automatic watch. We will delve into the positives and negatives of each so you can make an intelligent decision on whether to choose a quartz watch or an automatic watch.
Should you choose an Apple watch or a traditional Swiss Quartz watch? I've worn both and outline the benefits and drawbacks of each. Here's what I think you should do in choosing a new watch.
Here's an alternate way to wear your NATO watch strap. It solves the problem of the extra piece sticking up that some guys hate. But there are drawbacks to wearing a NATO band this way. Details and video.
We live in tough times. And now more than ever we need good men and women to join the ranks of local law enforcement. Please celebrate when the good people you know graduate from the Police Academy.

You’ve been wearing your old standby for years. It’s been your watch for a long time now and you still love it. But you wouldn’t mind an upgrade. A freshening up of the old wristwatch. Here are some tips and tricks for updating an old watch to give it a fresh new look.

Dive watches are peculiar. Not only do they have to look great, they have to function under unique circumstances. Three key problems assault every dive watch: water, pressure, and performance. A great dive watch also does something else: it tells the world that you are a diver. It can signal your love for the ocean and sea. So how do you choose a watch that does all three?
We have all heard about the amazing quality of Swiss watches and most of us know that it’s an old industry in Switzerland. But do you know why? Or why it matters that you buy a Swiss movement watch? This explains the value of Swiss movements and why Smith & Bradley exclusively uses them.
Colorful watches are having a moment. What are the options for adding color to your wrist? Here's an update on the watch color trends for 2023.

This is not a watch designed for men who sit on the couch all day. This is a watch for men who live their life fully. It's a hard-working, long-wearing watch that you'll love. And it will love you back. Includes our lifetime guarantee. We can give this guarantee because we know how damn good this watch is.