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You’ve been wearing your old standby for years. It’s been your watch for a long time now and you still love it. But you wouldn’t mind an upgrade. A freshening up of the old wristwatch. Here are some tips and tricks for updating an old watch to give it a fresh new look.

Dive watches are peculiar. Not only do they have to look great, they have to function under unique circumstances. Three key problems assault every dive watch: water, pressure, and performance. A great dive watch also does something else: it tells the world that you are a diver. It can signal your love for the ocean and sea. So how do you choose a watch that does all three?
We have all heard about the amazing quality of Swiss watches and most of us know that it’s an old industry in Switzerland. But do you know why? Or why it matters that you buy a Swiss movement watch? This explains the value of Swiss movements and why Smith & Bradley exclusively uses them.
Colorful watches are having a moment. What are the options for adding color to your wrist? Here's an update on the watch color trends for 2023.

This is not a watch designed for men who sit on the couch all day. This is a watch for men who live their life fully. It's a hard-working, long-wearing watch that you'll love. And it will love you back. Includes our lifetime guarantee. We can give this guarantee because we know how damn good this watch is. 

As a law enforcement officer, you know how important it is to have the right gear for your job. A good watch can be an essential tool in the field, and it's one of those things that may not get used every day but will always be there when you need it. But what makes a watch the best law enforcement officer's watch? 
We love the Iceman – and apparently he’s a fan. Chuck Liddell filmed a video talking about the Smith & Bradley Atlantis watch (in blue, naturally). The former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion has also been seen sporting his new Smith & Bradley watch recently.
Do you always have to wear a watch with the face pointed out? There are good reasons to choose a different approach like some soldiers have done for years. In this post, we'll explain the various reasons why military personnel wear their wristwatches on the inside of their wrists.

A watch is probably the last thing you’ll think through when planning to deal with a crisis. But it’s more important that you realize. The ability to keep time is critical and you’re likely to have trouble doing it during times of panic.

So make sure one of the watches in your watch collection is a tactical watch designed to perform in survival situations.

Most watches are fragile pieces of technology that need to be handled with care or else they'll break easily. Most are not designed to withstand life. And unfortunately most people have no idea how to protect their timepieces from breaking – so that's why we're here today.
Men regularly miss the style element that black adds to any watch. We think black makes a great everyday watch. Especially if you get a black watch that is designed to handle tactical and rough situations (like ours). Black watches are classics that will still be in style when you hand that Smith & Bradley timepiece down to your child.
It’s late in the year and time to start thinking about holiday gift giving. Ties have become a relic of the past. Sweaters feel a little overdone after years of Covid. So what is the perfect men’s gift for 2022? We believe a great watch is the best gift for men.