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Smith & Bradley, Watches Founder and Head Designer, Jerommie Smith, proudly served 17 years as a Law Enforcement Officer before founding Smith & Bradley Watches.

Most watches are fragile pieces of technology that need to be handled with care or else they'll break easily. Most are not designed to withstand life. And unfortunately most people have no idea how to protect their timepieces from breaking – so that's why we're here today.
Men regularly miss the style element that black adds to any watch. We think black makes a great everyday watch. Especially if you get a black watch that is designed to handle tactical and rough situations (like ours). Black watches are classics that will still be in style when you hand that Smith & Bradley timepiece down to your child.
It’s late in the year and time to start thinking about holiday gift giving. Ties have become a relic of the past. Sweaters feel a little overdone after years of Covid. So what is the perfect men’s gift for 2022? We believe a great watch is the best gift for men.
Looking for the best military watch? Here are the key attributes to look for in a tactical military watch that can handle the situation. We also recommend the top three best tactical military watches for service men and women.