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Williams & Kent GMT Travel Watch
Williams & Kent needed a superb dive watch for their frequently traveling customers. They choose the Atlantis GMT Dive Watch because of the quality and the lifetime guarantee. This unique version for Williams & Kent is all black and silver stainless steel with their logo across the bottom. It makes a wonderful gift.


Every day SOCN connects SOF elite warriors and their loved ones with resources and support to manage and confront the issues they may have and find solutions for improving their lives.

A value that Smith & Bradley can stand behind. We’re proud to be in collaboration with SOCN. "None left Behind." Special Operations Charities Network (SOCN) serves and empowers the Veterans, Law Enforcement, and First Responder communities by strengthening our US elite families through support programs, financial relief, and assistance.


UDT Seal Association Watch
When the Navy Seals choose your dive watch, you know you're special. Smith & Bradley watches were chosen by the UDT-SEAL Association for their Heritage Watch collection. It's a special honor for us and we're delighted to serve the Navy Seals with a dive watch customized just for them.
working man's watch is not a toy or a trinket. It is a tool and a companion. It is reliable, durable, and functional. It tells you the time, the date, and maybe even tracks a second time zone. It doesn't need to be wound, charged, or synced. It doesn't need to be pampered, polished, or protected. It can handle anything you throw at it, from water to dust to shock.
A Swiss Quartz tactical watch is a reliable and sturdy timepiece designed for the modern man. These watches are built to withstand tough conditions, but proper care and maintenance are still essential to keep them functioning optimally. 
How do you choose the best Military watch? Find out the key features of a great military watch and understand what to avoid. Tactical watches for the military need to be built properly. We recommend our favorite military watches.
Both Quartz and Automatic are exceptional choices for a wristwatch. But what is the better choice for you? Most people don’t realize how different the movements are between a quartz watch versus an automatic watch. We will delve into the positives and negatives of each so you can make an intelligent decision on whether to choose a quartz watch or an automatic watch.