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Product Instructions

The Ambush

The Ambush User Manual.

How to Remove the Ambush Screw Bars

The method to remove the screws for the removal of the strap are actually simple. The key thing to bear in mind is that the shaft sided of the pin must not be torqued too hard.. The shaft side has pressure on it from the metal band to the case head. The screw sides are as follows. The top screw bar(top of watch)  is the LEFT side. Keep tension on the right side and loosen/turn the LEFT screw. The bottom screw bar hold the left in position and unscrew the RIGHT side.  In removing the screws in this manner, you will prevent trying to unscrew the entire shaft and will loosen a screw only.

The Atlantis, The Sans-13 and Draper

Setting the time and date on the Atlantis, Sans-13 and the Draper is a very simple process. The one factor to keep in mind is that these watches are fitted with a screw down crown, Draper is non-screw down.  A screw down crown provides protection to the stem of the watch, the “weakest” part of the watch, and also provides increased water resistance by securing the stem and crown assembly. Generally speaking, most incidences of water infiltration occur in the crown. 
To release the screw down crown, simply turn the crown counter clockwise.  Eventually, the crown will “pop” out of the crown guard and you can begin to set the watch.  When you are done setting the watch, push the crown straight in, and turn it clockwise until the crown is snug and secure.  Note: Do not over-tighten the crown as this can damage the rubber ring used to create a waterproof seal.

A: Hour Indicator Hand
B: Minute Indicator Hand
C: Second Indicator Hand
D: Screw Down Crown
E: Watch Dial
G: Hour Indicator Window

Setting the Date
Unscrew and pull out the crown out to the first click. The crown on Sans-13 and Atlantis can be pulled out to the first and second clicks. Turn the crown counterclockwise to set the date indicator to the previous days date. Dates can be tricky for months with 30 days or less and date correction is necessary, In this case, set the date to the [1st day] on the first day of the next month. 
Setting the Time
Pull out the crown to the second click. The second hand does not stop on either the Atlantis or the Sans-13. Turn the crown clockwise and set the current time. Since this watch comes with a calendar, make sure that you set either a.m. or p.m. To do so simply rotate the crown until the date changes.

The date changes at [twelve o’clock midnight].  When setting the time, first bring the hand back slightly later than the actual time and then move it forward to the actual time.

Press the crown straight in to the normal position.

The Sans-13 (1.0) PVD Stainless Steel Bracelet Installation

1) Remove screw bars and strap

2)Line up face(flat part of bracelet that will marry the case) at 45 degree angle and insert screw tube. This angle allows the screw bar to be inserted into the holes. 
3) Install and snug up screw on opposite end.  
4) Now place one thumb on the end link and one thumb on the watch. 
5) With your thumb on the link push the top of the link to rotate it to the watch case.
6) You will see it move towards the case and it will "SNAP" into place. This will take a little pressure as designed to Snap in place.
7) Removal is same as installation, but reversed.

Battery Powered Quartz Watches

All Smith & Bradley quartz watches are powered by high quality batteries that usually last for years.  When battery levels decrease, the second hand of the watch with skip approximately five seconds.  When the second hand begins to act in this manner, the watch will still keep time but you will have just a few days before it stops entirely.
Note: If you choose to have another person change the battery during the warranty period it will void the warranty.