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The flagship Atlantis case

When I set out to make a true dive watch I wanted to spare nothing. I wanted to use the best materials, robust finishing on the interior, and the perfect balance on the wrist. 

The interior of the Atlantis has no cut outs to reduce material and is merely Threaded for a case back and a circle groove to hold the movement in. We wanted to keep as much material in there to never jeopardize it true depth rating. We only use German imported 316L stainless steel.  

The crown tube is pressed in and sealed. The crown tube has a hefty O-ring in the tube and the crown has a flat seal on the end, which engages once screwed down. 

This model Atlantis uses a screw bar that threads into the case. This prevents the loss of the magic screws that seem to always disappear when you have the screw that threads into the bar. The 22.5 mm screw bar is hard to loose and almost impossible to back out. Even if it did back out you still would not loose your watch due to the bar size. 

People do ask a lot, why do we prefer the bead blast finish. Simple, its always clean looking. Polished watches always need to be wiped off as they show every speck of dirt and smudge. Brush finishes seem to scratch easy in the opposite direction of the brush. The bead blast hold up through almost everything and is more scratch resistant. 

The crystal, which we covered earlier, compliments the watch with its robust size.  It allows for no compromise due to its thickness, being sapphire, and anti reflective coated on the interior. 

The case back is solid spun 316l steel. It threads in with an O-ring seal. 

The bezel is a 120 click uni-directional bezel. We made it with good edges to grasp. Its is held on by a retainer spring, so once its on, it will not come off. some groups like to wedge their bezels on so they can remove to change parts. I feel build it right once and leave it alone. 

The 44 mm case wears like a smaller watch due to the balance on the wrist while maintaining a good looking size. I put the lugs in the correct position to center the weight of the watch to the center of the wrist. This allows the feel of it being solid, but not too heavy. 

As anyone who owns an Atlantis, they will tell you it has never failed them.