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What Makes Our Atlantis Rogue Tactical Watch So Tough?

People often ask why we build our watches the way we do and why we are so selective on our components used in each timepiece. Our newest Tactical Watch, Atlantis Rogue, is a perfect example of how tough our watches really are.

Let’s take a look at the build of the Atlantis Rogue Watch and show some key aspects to our build process and component selection. For starters, we don’t cut corners with our crystal selection; we use the finest Sapphire Glass we can source. This is critical to the longevity and durability of the watch. Whether you are deep sea diving or putting it through harsh environments, you will see the strength and advantages of this sapphire crystal. You may have seen a recent video where we ran over our watches with an SUV 20+ times and there was not a single mark on the sapphire crystal!

The crown on the Rogue is designed for a purpose, and in this situation, it is designed for tactical environments. The Atlantis Rogue crown is knurled, which ensures a good grip while securing to prevent water intrusion. Whether you have gloves on, wet hands, or anything in between, you won’t have an issue adjusting and securing this crown.

Our case structure has always been something proprietary to S&B, as we engineer our cases from the ground up, making sure the smallest details are dialed in to meet our standards. The construction of our case wall is built with such structural integrity, WE GUARANTEE IT FOR LIFE!

One of the design aspects our Head Engineer takes special pride in is the internal structure of the watch. While most users will never see the inside of their watch, we take great pride in what you cannot see. Unlike many brands in the market, we use solid movement holders that will secure the movement through any shock absorption, which are secured by durable screw tabs that can withstand absorption while still securing the internals of the watch. We also machine a very secure grove that holds our O-Ring in place which is utilized for water resistance purposes.

Our strap attachment on the Atlantis Rogue is done with 316L Screw Bars instead of spring bars. Each screw bar threads directly into the case, adding extra strength and durability to securing your watch strap.

This type of internal and external construction is often seen in watches with price tags of $1,000+ , but we are proud to offer this in the Atlantis Rogue Series for ONLY $279.

The Atlantis Rogue is a deviation from the watch norm and we are excited to be releasing this new tactical watch to our community. We pride ourselves on extensive R&D for each watch and also taking our real like experience from working in tactical environments to help develop the best watches for our customers.

We currently offer two versions of the Atlantis Rogue, which are both available below:

Atlantis Rogue: View Watch (available in all black only)

Atlantis Rogue Pro: View Watch (available with black or gray dial)

***Both models offered have the same construction and use of components, but offer different dial designs and bezel designs***