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Your New Smith & Bradley Watch

Tips and details about your new watch

Welcome to the Smith & Bradley family. We wanted to pull together our thoughts and suggestions for new watch owners. And to say we're honored to be in your life. So here's what we suggest:

  • Don't worry too much. We design all our watches to be tough first and attractive second. These watches are tough enough to handle your life. Life is tough, so we made watches that can get a bump or bruise without a problem. 
  • Call us if you have a problem. You get top notch customer service with every Smith & Bradley purchase. If you have a question or a problem, call us toll free at 833-572-TIME (8463). 
  • Always lock your crown. Dive watches feature a lockable crown. That means to change the time or date, you have to turn counterclockwise to unlock it before you can pull it out and change anything. But, remember to relock it when you're done. This lockable crown keeps water out of your watch when you dive. Never forget to relock it after the time is set
  • Dive bezels only turn one way. This is intentional so that you don't bump it and change the settings while diving. They also click loud enough to hear underwater. Again, intentional for diver safety. 
  • GMT watches have an extra hand. It points at the GMT or military or 24-hour time. It can be set as well. Some GMT watches have a bezel that rotates to quickly change to a new time zone. These watches work well for frequent travelers. 
  • Mostly the crown pulls out once to set the time, twice to set the date. You can turn either way to adjust time back or forth.
  • All watches feature changeable straps. We love NATO Straps, so we change ours often. All watches except the Discovery Field watch use a 22mm strap width and can work with any of our watch straps.  
  • Illumination is designed to be perfect for the dark. It's intentionally not the brightest illumination available to keep from giving away locations in tactical situations. It's just bright enough so you can see the time, but others can't. 

Enjoy your watch and live it in. Watches are made to take you places, not made to be protected from any risk. Smith & Bradley watches are made for your life. 


Thanks again for your purchase.