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Smith & Bradley Automatic Watch Servicing

We recommend having your Smith & Bradley Automatic watch serviced every five years. This full-service overhaul insures that your watch is operating at optimum efficiency. Our Automatic Watch Servicing includes:

  • Testing and inspecting the movement
  • Checking the timekeeping of the watch and resetting, if necessary
  • Tightening the hands
  • Test and check winding functions on the watch
  • Checking the time keeping
  • Checking and replacing spring bars, if necessary
  • Cleaning the internals
  • Cleaning and polishing the exterior of the watch

This overhaul includes repairing any issues found during the servicing in line with our Lifetime Watch Warranty. This is only available for Smith & Bradley Automatic Watches. Please allow up to 15 working days to complete the servicing of your watch. Once purchased, instructions will be sent. Contact with any questions.