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An Alternate Way to Wear a NATO Watch Strap

Options for NATO watch bands

We love NATO watch straps. They provide the best combination of comfort, protection and resistance to problems. And we've shown you why you should have a NATO watch strap and the traditional way to wear a NATO strap. But they are worn in a unique way that bothers some guys. 

However, there's another way to wear a NATO watch strap. 

The Problem with NATO Watch Straps

The problem tends to be the little piece that sticks up on the far side of your wrist. Some guys just hate it. There's a debate online whether you should fold in the extra watch band or fold it out.

And if you haven't worn many NATO bands in the past, you might not realize that it should even be folded down. Which makes wearing a watch annoying. 

Another Way to Wear NATO straps

So here's the alternate way. First, a video to explain it: 


 Now, the details in writing for you. 

This methodology makes a NATO strap feel more like any other watch strap. The clasp is on the inside of your wrist unless you're wearing you watch upside down. The steps to add a NATO strap this way: 

  1. Push the longest piece of your watch band through the bar at 12:00. Make sure the extra, shorter piece is falling down (not towards the face of your watch). 
  2. Push the same piece up through the six o'clock spring bar. You want to feed the long strap through the watch (it should go around the back of the watch) until the smaller piece is approximately in the center of the back of the watch. See video above. 
  3. Next, put the longer piece through the shorter, second part of the watch strap. This creates a "box" in the strap. That is where you put your hand through. 
  4. Finally, strap the watch on like any other watch. It moves the clasp to the inside of your wrist like most watches. 

It's much easier if you watch the video above on how to put the watch strap on. 

Problems with this NATO Strap Technique

This solution works well for day-to-day wearing of a watch with a NATO band. However, it's not perfect. The biggest issue is that it removes the dual-strap safety that a NATO strap will give you. 

If your NATO strap gets cut or your watch spring bar breaks, then your watch will fall off. Whereas the traditional NATO strap technique will hold the watch on even in this situation. So we recommend the traditional method if you are in any tactical situations. 

But for day-to-day watch wearing, choose your favorite method and go with it. 

NATO Watch Straps for Style

What I love about NATO watch straps is how easy it is to change them out. I have several and can change out the color or way I wear it in minutes. So it gives you a great way to change up your favorite watch based on your situation. 

And that's why we recommend that every guy own a few NATO watch straps. You can shop our watch bands here