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Police Academy Graduation Gifts

The Best Gift for a Police Academy Graduate

We live in tough times. And now more than ever we need good men and women to join the ranks of local law enforcement. Please celebrate when the good people you know graduate from the Police Academy.

But as your friends graduate the police academy, what gifts should you choose for them?

What do Police Academy Graduates Receive?

When a new law enforcement officer graduates from the police academy, they typically walk away with two things: their badge and their police issued firearm. From the point of graduation, they are officially a law enforcement officer who is duty bound to serve and protect.

They also understand that they are risking life and limb to serve and protect. It’s not a small decision to join the police force. We appreciate the decision, the sacrifice and the merit of their new role.

Graduation is a meaningful moment that deserves to be celebrated.

What are the Best Police Academy Graduation Gifts?

Common gifts for new police academy graduates include Thin Blue Line artwork featuring their name. Or knives and cases with their badge engraved upon it. Yes, every graduate seems to end up with a fake badge that will open beer bottles. But we recommend giving a better gift that will last a lifetime. We suggest a Smith & Bradley tactical watch.

Smith & Bradley was founded by a police academy graduate who went on to serve over seventeen years in law enforcement in Chicago. He seemed to constantly destroy whichever watch he wore, so he designed something better. From there, he founded Smith & Bradley to first serve law enforcement officers. He designed several watches specifically for them. These watches make excellent graduation gifts. They were crafted after hundreds of hours of interviews with cops on how they use their watch.

Based on experience, these make excellent gifts for a new graduate of the police academy:

Our SANS-13 Watch for Law Enforcement OfficersOur SANS-13 Tactical Watch. This is the original watch created for law enforcement by a policeman. It features all the details a cop needs. And it’s designed to withstand the difficulties that a law enforcement officer faces on a daily basis. You won’t break this watch. We also have a Silverback SANS-13 watch, for those that prefer it.



Thin Blue Line Police WatchOur Thin Blue Line Springfield Watch. This one honors law enforcement officers and includes the inscription of Matthew 5:9 on the back. It’s our way of supporting the Thin Blue Line that protects us. These watches are a limited edition and may sell out at any time.




Atlantis Blackfish Policemans WatchFinally, our upgraded Atlantis Blackfish Tactical watch is another great option. This unbreakable watch has been upgraded with new markings and a stainless steel strap. It is one of our most popular tactical watches available.




We work hard to make these watches affordable and tough. They all include our lifetime warranty and are designed to withstand a tough day, even for a police academy graduate. These watches were made to serve the men who serve our nation.

Police Academy Graduates Deserve a Great Gift

Choose the perfect Police Academy Gradutation Gift: A watch designed for a law enforcement officer. And one guaranteed to serve them for life. As we always say, Tactical men deserve Tactical watches.

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