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Bruce Willis with his Smith & Bradley Watch

In the 2019 movie 10 Minutes Gone featuring Bruce Willis and Michael Chiklis, the director (Brian Miller) wanted a great watch that could handle tactical situations. Naturally, they found Smith & Bradley. 

In the movie, our SANS-13 watch and time play a critical role. When a bank robber is knocked out during a heist, he loses 10 minutes of memory. During that time, his brother was killed and the heist went very wrong. He has to reconstruct those 10 minutes before his time is up.

Yes, the glass on our SANS-13 watch does crack in a pivotal scene of the movie, but remember this is a fictional story. Rumors surfaced that filming was delayed a day when they had trouble breaking the watch face. 

We were happy to provide the watches, but really happy when our watch ended up on the movie poster:

10 Minutes Gone movie poster featuring a Smith & Bradley Watch

Both our Atlantis Dive watch and our tactical SANS-13 watch were provided for use in the movie. And our founder had the opportunity to meet Bruce Willis to show him the watch. Bruce tested the Smith & Bradley 'unbreakable' claim by attempting to do some damage: 

Needless to say, the Smith & Bradley quality stood up to even the Unbreakable star's test. Only in fiction do our tactical watches break. 

If you're looking for a great men's watch, I think Bruce Willis will agree that it's worth checking out Smith & Bradley watches. And don't miss 10 Minutes Gone if you love a good action flick. 

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