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The Best Watch for a Firefighter

When discussing tough jobs in life, firefighters are right at the top of the list. It's not just dealing with the heat of a blaze, firefighters have to deal with the psychology of scared people. With crazy amounts of water and steam. And falling debris that is unpredictable and dangerous. 

It's a job for a hero, no doubt. 

At Smith & Bradley, we focus on creating watches that meet the needs of above average men. Guys who push themselves to the limit and refuse to back down. When thinking about a watch made for a firefighter, we considered the water, the heat, and the shock and chaos that all go into the job. How can we craft a watch that can stand up to that role? And what should a watch made for a superhero look like? 

We landed on the Atlantis Blackfish men's watch. It's the combination of a tactical watch with the durability to take a beating and a dive watch that can handle a lot of water. And, if a firefighter ever gets shut in the dark, the watch face features an illuminated dial and hands, so you can still tell the time. We submit this as a great firefighter watch with a bold look.

There are a few other details that make this watch perfect for a firefighter. It includes a unidirectional bezel with time markings. You can mark exactly when you joined the fray and know how many minutes you've been breathing smoke. And it's intentionally unidirectional: this keeps you from bumping the bezel and moving it unexpectedly. The bezel only turns counterclockwise (you're unlikely to bump it in that direction). 

It's also crafted from stainless steel. When you are outside of the safety zones looking for escape routes, you can't worry about your watch. Because the Atlantis Blackfish is carved from a single block of stainless steel and PVD coated, you won't have to. Water won't break this firefighter watch down. And no shock or debris will crack it. The glass is anti-reflective sapphire crystal for extra protection.

This men's watch has an ultra comfortable rubber watch strap with just the right amount of taper. We spent a lot of time testing the strap in the field to get the dimensions just right. It's comfortable and it will keep your watch right where you expect it. No slippage. And no strap problems when you're sweating from the heat. 

The watch is offered with a quartz movement by design. Quartz gives you the best value for your money. But if you choose, we also have an automatic movement version. Both were created with Swiss movements, which are the best in the world. Swiss watches are the most accurate and will function for a lifetime. Smith & Bradley builds all of our watches in the United States with Swiss movements. So they are American Built Swiss Watches. We guarantee it's the toughest watch you'll ever wear. 

When you're fighting a fire, you don't need distractions. You just need a watch that has the durability to handle a tough environment and be exactly where you need it. We created the Atlantis Blackfish just for that setting. And we believe it is one of the best watches available for firemen. It's also an excellent EMT watch or paramedics watch as well. Trust me, an Apple Watch isn't the right choice.

Do you know someone who needs a firefighter watch? Shop the Atlantis Blackfish Men's watch here

The best watch for a firefighter