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The Men’s Watch Gift Set for 2022

All Smith & Bradley watches include gift packaging

It’s late in the year and time to start thinking about holiday gift giving. Ties have become a relic of the past. Sweaters feel a little overdone after years of Covid. So what is the perfect men’s gift for 2022? We believe a great watch is the best gift for men.Watch Gift Set

In fact, we believe every watch is a gift. Some are gifts to yourself, which is fine. At Smith & Bradley, every watch comes in gift packaging to make it a little more special. Our Dive watches include a waterproof dive case. Our field watches come in a field pouch. Our casual watches come in a nice watch box that feels like a gift in itself.

Great Watch + Great Box = the best men’s gift set

Our thought process is pretty simple. We are building watches that will last forever. That’s why we add our Unstoppable Lifetime Guarantee. And it’s why we package them beautifully. The watch will last, so you need a great place to keep it.Men's Field Watch Gift Set

So we think long and hard about how to properly send a watch out to a customer. It is a special gift and requires some extra work on our end. When you receive your Smith & Bradley watch, we hope you’ll share the experience with friends and family. As a small company, we depend on word of mouth to help us grow. We don’t have Rolex budgets, but we do have the brains to make it a special gift for you.

Why a men’s watch is the best gift idea

But wait, you say. Why should I give him a watch for Christmas? Aren’t there other gifts? Of course there are other gifts, but none feel as timeless and special as a new watch. You have enough gadgets. Get a proper watch that tells you the time and doesn’t mention unread emails or texts.

Sometimes you just need the damn time.

Our watches are made for tough mean who aren’t going to baby a new gift. They work where the internet doesn’t. They glow in the dark so you can still tell the time. And we have everything from tactical watches for law enforcement or soldiers to dive watches for the waterlogged to trail watches for hikers and hunters and fishermen.

You may notice that we only make watches that can stand up to the tough situations a man might find himself in. And we’re proud of it. So you can buy a Smith & Bradley watch as a gift and be very confident that it will last a lifetime. And every time he sees his wrist he’ll remember the time you gave him a perfect gift.Watch Gift Set

Our watches have been running for over 99,000 hours.

Give a gift that lasts.

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Dive Watch Gift Set