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Why a black watch is perfect for men

The trend towards black watches is undeniable

Don’t ignore the color black when shopping for a great mens watch. There’s something about an all black watch that brings out your masculinity and looks mysterious. Black is a classic mens watch color that is timeless and always in style.  

Why choose an all black watch?

Black is the only color that can look both sophisticated and tough at the same time. A black watch feels more mysterious and adds depth to a man. It’s a color that can work in almost any situation and matches most outfits.

Situations that require a black watch

There’s a few times that require a man to be wearing a black (or almost black) watch. If you find yourself doing any of these activities, at least one of your watches should be black:

  1. Tactical situations. The most obvious one is tactical situations. Policemen. Soldiers. Anyone who needs to stay unnoticed should choose a watch that is mostly black and able to disappear. This is why Smith & Bradley started with black and still chooses to make many black watches. There’s no other choice for a tactical situation.
  2. Hunting in the woods. Again, don’t wear something that will flash your location around the neighborhood. We build our watches with just the right amount of illumination. You can see the time in the early morning hours, but no one can see your watch flashing in the woods. Black watches tend to disappear, which is definitely a good thing.
  3. Wanting to feel badass. You definitely need a nice black watch for this.

The best black watches for men

We are partial to a great all black watch. So we definitely have our favorites. The king, of course, is our SANS-13 Tactical Black Watch. It was designed after thousands of interviews with law enforcement officers. We believe it’s a perfect choice for cops, but also looks great on anyone else.

Our second tactical favorite is the Atlantis Blackfish watch. Designed as a ‘tactical dive watch’ it can handle anything you throw at it.

For a less tactical watch, we recommend the Discovery Black Field Watch. It’s designed to work well in the woods, but has an all black look that works anywhere. And it’s an extremely good price point for a men’s watch featuring a Swiss movement.

Finally, if you want a more traditional version of a black watch, check out our Atlantis A2 Quartz Black Watch available with a black dial. It does have a stainless steel band and case, but the all black face still makes it mysterious. And like every Smith & Bradley watch, it’s unstoppable.

SANS-13 Black Watch
Atlantis Blackfish Watch
Discovery Black Watch
Atlantis A2 Black Watch

Don’t overlook a great black watch

Men regularly miss the style element that black adds to any watch. We think black makes a great everyday watch. Especially if you get a black watch that is designed to handle tactical and rough situations (like ours). Black watches are classics that will still be in style when you hand that Smith & Bradley timepiece down to your child.