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The SANS-13 Silverback: Our Upgraded Military Watch

A Military Watch in a Class All It's Own

We're excited to announce that the Silverback SANS-13 Watch is now back in stock. It features our popular SANS-13 design that was crafted after hundreds of interviews with Law Enforcement Officers. But with an upgraded silver bezel that gives it a unique style all it's own. 

American Designed. American Built Watch

SANS-13 Silverback military WatchAt Smith & Bradley, we believe the highest quality products are crafted in the United States. And the SANS-13 Silverback is too. We source the best products from around the world, but we built it here, by hand, for the highest quality watch available. It's the only way we can put a lifetime guarantee on these watches. Swiss movement (it's the best, trust me). German steel. American ingenuity. 

A Tactical Watch with a Military Design

Our SANS-13 Watches are worn by Law Enforcement Officers, members of the US military, firemen and other servicemen across the US. We're extremely proud of that fact and consider it every time we build a new watch. 

The SANS-13 is designed to handle any situation that a man finds himself in. You can dive to 300 meters in this watch. It has a one-way bezel with 120 clicks for tracking time perfectly. It's designed to never break, never scratch and never stop when you need it. From a military standpoint, we add a light luminescence. You can see the time in the dark, but your position will never be given away by a glowing watch. 

This watch is designed for tough men walking into tough situations. 

Every Detail on this Watch is Tactical 

Some watches are made to be seen. Ours are made to serve. Because of that, we make controversial decisions. This watch features a NATO Strap. This is the perfect strap for tactical situations: waterproof; tough; if it's cut, you don't lose the watch.

We could have put a fancy leather band on this watch. But we aren't making watches for you to put on a shelf. We're making watches that are worn everyday in tough environments. Watches that get the job done - they still look great doing it. 

We have other watch bands available. But for law enforcement officers or military? We recommend a NATO Watch Strap

SANS-13 Silverback: A Watch Built for You

This is not a watch designed for men who sit on the couch all day. This is a watch for men who live their life fully. It's a hard-working, long-wearing watch that you'll love. And it will love you back. 

Includes our lifetime guarantee. We can give this guarantee because we know how damn good this watch is. Get a SANS-13 Silverback for yourself.