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Time for Colorful Men’s Watches

Men’s Blue Dial Watches have been popular for a while. What other colors work?

For many years, men’s watches were simple. White, gold, silver. Boring. But, now you have options and choice. Why not add some color to your wrist? We live in the golden age of watches, where you can get exactly what you want.

Pops of Color in Men’s Watches

The latest trend adds a pop of color to a men’s watch. Sometimes it’s the band, sometimes it’s the face or even the crown of the watch. But some bright colors to call attention to the watch. And to you. After all, watches are usually made to be seen.

More outrageous colors are now hitting the scene. Full color across the face and bezel. For example, our popular Atlantis Blue Dive Watch has a full blue face, blue bezel and a blue band. It’s pretty hard to say “I’m a diver” more clearly than that watch. There’s also a black and red Atlantis Sport watch that’s a little more subtle and less ocean colored.

As we move further from the gray years of Covid, I predict men will want a more colorful watch to wear. It’s a way of coming back out in the light of a new year. We created a cool field watch earlier this year and decided to make one version with a green face. The Discovery Field Green Field Watch. It’s a cool way to add color without going overboard.

Another Option: Colorful Watch Bands

Maybe you already have a watch that you love. But it doesn’t have much color. Well, there’s an easy way to jump on this trend: grab some colorful watch bands.

Men don’t change out their watch bands enough. It feels hard, but it’s actually pretty easy to change a band on 99% of watches. We obviously love NATO watch straps for many reasons, but one of them is the ease of changing into a new colorful watch band. You can do it in seconds.

And we now have everything from Camo watch bands to Red Stripe watch bands to Splotchy Blue watch bands. When you change your watch strap, the whole watch looks different. And it’s usually so simple that you can do it every day if you so choose. Match whatever you’re wearing

Time for Colorful Watches

Black and white watches will always be popular. They are typically the first watch chosen by a man. However, it’s 2023. Time to get some color into your lineup. Choose a colorful watch this year and enjoy a little extra attention thrown your way.

Colorful watches can be a real asset. Shop our full collection of watches here.