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Tired of Breaking Your Watches?

It's time to choose a better watch

I've always been a watch guy. I love the way they look, and I especially love the way they feel on my wrist. But as much as I like wearing timepieces, I've always had trouble keeping them around for too long. You see, most watches are fragile pieces of technology that need to be handled with care or else they'll break easily. Most are not designed to withstand life. And unfortunately, most people have no idea how to protect their timepieces from breaking – so that's why we're here today. In this article we'll go over some of the reasons why watches break so often and then dive into my top pick for an indestructible watch option that will last forever!

Why Are Watches Fragile?

It's important to know what makes a watch fragile, so you can avoid accidentally breaking your watch when you're not expecting it. Watches are made of glass or crystal and metal, which are breakable materials. The face is especially vulnerable because it's the part that gets hit most often by keys or coins in your pocket or purse. If a hard object comes into contact with the face of your watch, it could crack or shatter entirely.

A watch's wrist band is also vulnerable because it’s usually thin enough to bend out of shape if you catch it on something sharp (like when taking off or putting on your jacket). If this happens over time, then the band won't stay firmly attached anymore and will eventually fall off completely!

How to Protect Your Watch

If you own an expensive Rolex or similar watch, you’ll have to be smart about when and where you choose to wear it. These watches are not made for everyday wear, especially if you are active guy. So you follow the rules:

  • Only wear your watch on special occasions. Expensive watches are made to show off, not to withstand an active life.
  • Don't wear your watch in water. Water can get into the inner workings of the watch and cause problems, including corrosion and rusting.
  • Don't wear your watch while playing sports. As with swimming, impact can damage the inner workings of your timepiece, and it might not be covered by insurance in that case anyway.
  • Don't wear it while in the woods. Sweat, dirt and other environmental factors can harm a delicate piece of machinery like a high-end wristwatch that was designed for everyday use in more refined settings than those mentioned above.
  • If you own an expensive firearm, don't wear it around other firearms either—not even unloaded ones! A lot of watches are made from scratch-resistant materials like titanium or stainless steel; however these same materials can become brittle after sustained exposure to gunpowder residue (even if there's no ammo inside).

However, there’s Another Option in Watches

Smith & Bradley was founded by a Chicago Law Enforcement Officer who was tired of breaking watches. So we went a different direction. Smith & Bradley watches feature high end Swiss movements and expensive watch materials, however they are designed to be worn every day. And to withstand anything you throw at them.

For example, Smith & Bradley watches are made of stainless steel and a material called ZrO2. ZrO2 is a ceramic material that is used in the aerospace industry and has a 50-year lifespan. These material selections allow us to give you a lifetime guarantee on your watch. Smith & Bradley watches are designed to be worn 24/7, 365 days per year and will not break or crack like other watches because they were created with purpose and durability at their core.

Smith & Bradley Watches are the most durable, long lasting watches

If you're tired of breaking watches, Smith & Bradley is the only way to go. Other watch brands may use similar materials, but they didn’t design watches for the streets of the Chicago. Or the woods of Colorado. Our high-quality watches are designed and built to last. Each one is tested for durability so that it will stand up to everyday wear and tear.

With our lifetime guarantee and superior craftsmanship, there's no reason not to try out our products today.

Get a Better Watch Today

The Smith & Bradley watch is one of the best options out there for anyone who wants a watch that won’t break – and will last a lifetime. For over ten years we’ve been constructing great watches. And we stand behind our design and craftsmanship with a warranty that you can’t beat. The main thing you need to remember when buying a new timepiece is that it needs to be durable enough for your lifestyle. So don't settle for anything less than what we offer here at Smith & Bradley!